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Fanfic: Sleeping with Dragons

Title: Sleeping with Dragons
Author: krispy_kream
Rating: G
Word Count: 628
Characters: Hiccup and Toothless
Spoilers: For the end of the ending
Disclaimer: HTTYD is property Dreamworks and has nothing to do with me.
Summary: Hiccup muses on the obnoxious part of having a dragon as a pet.

Notes: You know I'm into a fandom when I write a fic for it. Technically, I was trying to piece together a drabble of Astrid for my challenge community when this came out. I was going to wait to post it until I had some icons done buuuuuut I'm bad at waiting. Hope you like it ♥

The hardest thing anyone has ever had to do in my village is house train their pets. It’s even harder than trying to kill them. They have this irritating habit of gallivanting all over everyone’s things that they just don’t seem to grow out of. They’re energetic little buggers, dragons.

Luckily, I had a head start with Toothless, not that it made him any less bouncy, but there are just some parental instincts he refuses to let go of. He doesn’t even have any kids… Unless I count. It would explain a few things.

Really, I can deal with most of it; the sticking his head into every bucket he finds, the showing off when we’re flying with the others, the small tussles he gets into with every other dragon just because they’re interested in how I smell, it’s not that bad. It’s just when he sleeps.

With me.

On my bed. So sure he has to protect me from trolls or whatever he thinks is out there. Dragons are just not the best sleeping companions. They’re hard and scaly, they breath too deeply so that their chest expands into your face and they insist on lighting the floor on fire so you have a nice warm bed of coals to lay on.

We ended up just tossing my bed frame, we were pretty sick of fixing it. Toothless didn’t exactly fit on it with me, so it’s better this way. It doesn’t look like he’ll be sleeping anywhere else for quite some time anyway.

It’s just not easy falling asleep next to a dragon. Especially not one as protective as Toothless. Sometimes, when he gets really paranoid or when it gets especially cold, he’ll wrap his limbs around me, claws at all. He sharpens those things on a regular basis, I’ve got the scratches to prove it. Our houses may be getting older, but my pajamas? All new. The scratching, at least, he’s been learning to control. The first few weeks, I had to get bandages as soon as I went to bed. Now they’re not as big of a deal. Or maybe my arms and back are just numb to the pain.

Really, it’s the choke hold he’s got on my whole body that I can’t deal with. My arms are glued to my side and my legs are stuck together, I’ve got no freedom to roll around or find any sort of comfortable position and my head is forced to keep time with his breathing. I can’t even remember how many nights I’ve gotten no sleep from being stuck in that set up. When I do manage it, it’s out of pure exhaustion, and I wake up with a killer kink in my neck. Still, Toothless seems pretty proud of himself in the mornings, having successfully ‘protected’ me once again. It looks like he’s pretty content to continue this sleeping arrangement for the rest of forever.

I am starting to get used to it, though. If I position my arms before he clamps on it’s not so bad, and the last couple nights it feels like his breathing is actually lulling me to sleep rather than keeping me up. Maybe it’s not actually as bad as I was saying. I guess it’s kind of cute, my pet dragon loves me and all that. He’s just showing his affection.

Alright. So I can deal with him sleeping next to me. It's not as bad as I make it sound.

Now, those explosions he sets off when he gets excited. Those have got to go.
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